Livestock Concepts is committed to offering you both Excellent Service & Competitive Prices.  We carry a complete line of Animal Health supplies and equipment for Livestock & Pets including Vaccines, Antibiotics, Dewormers & Equipment.  “Service Is Our Specialty”.

New for 2016 the Moocall Calving Sensor and Dewolf Electric Hoof Trimmers. And don’t forget our popular Back on Track therapeutics, VetGun, and New Montana Silversmiths.

Featured Products

  • $64.95 $66.95
    $64.95 $66.95

    Long-lasting broad-spectrum antibiotic for the treatment of a wide range of diseases caused by susceptible gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. For use in beef and lactating dairy cattle and swine. Provides therapeutic blood levels for 3 days. Give 4.5 cc per 100 pounds SQ, IV or IM in the neck. 28 day withdrawal, 96 hours on milk.

  • $48.90

    Cinch Men's Classic Fit solid purple long sleeve button down with white buttons.  The shirt is a fuller body with longer tails and sleeves allowing the shirt to stay tucked in.  MTW1103802 and MTW103802X (XXXL)

  • $52.99

    The Dig & Roll from Reeves International can sift sand, shovel snow and dig dirt! great fun indoors and out. Contoured swivel seat and sturdy metal construction provide stability for child! the dig & roll is a sturdy, all-season toy featuring metal construction with rubber wheels.

  • $25.95

    Adventure Plus For Cats 5-9lbs offers triple flea protection – eliminates adults, eggs and larvae. It is a convenient, once-a-month topical treatment that kills fleas through contact within 12 hours of application.  5-9lbs, 4pk.

  • $41.62 $43.99
    $41.62 $43.99

    MAXI/GUARD Pinkeye Bacterin from Addison Labs is a safe, killed, and highly efficacious (over 90% effective) Moraxella bovis bacterin for the prevention and control of pinkeye (Infectious Bovine Keratoconjunctivitis) in healthy cattle. MAXI/GUARD Pinkeye Bacterin is very low in free endotoxin, safe for lactating cattle, easily syringable and free of...

  • $117.75 $125.95
    $117.75 $125.95

    Contains 5% permethrin and 5% piperonyl butoxide for optimum pest control. Piperonyl butoxide improves the effectiveness of pyrethroids for a broad range of insects and decreases the amount of permethrin needed to achieve a desired killing effect.

  • $17.95

    Pyranha Wipe N Spray is a pyrethrum-based formula that is applied directly on the animal. This ready-to-use product provides fly protection and imparts a high sheen to the hair when brushed out.  Wipe N' Spray is citronella scented and contains lanolin as a coat conditioner. It has been proven effective on biting flies, mosquitoes, gnats, and fleas. Oil...

  • $5.10 $6.95
    $5.10 $6.95

    A unique disposable fly trap can hold over 10,000 flies. Uses a special attractant of multiple feeding stimulants plus a powerful sex pheromone to attract and trap flies. Can be hung up or set down wherever flies are a problem. ORMD product, must ship UPS Ground.

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