Livestock Concepts is committed to offering you both Excellent Service & Competitive Prices.  We carry a complete line of Animal Health supplies and equipment for Livestock & Pets including Vaccines, Antibiotics, Dewormers & Equipment.  “Service Is Our Specialty”.

New for 2016 the Moocall Calving Sensor and Dewolf Electric Hoof Trimmers. And don’t forget our popular Back on Track therapeutics, VetGun, and New Montana Silversmiths.

Featured Products

  • $58.00

    The Turquoise Medallion Necklace from Monatana Silversmiths is a classically shaped round medallion pendant with a large center of smooth turquoise framed with small bright stones and an outer rim of painted black for added emphasis. A large necklace pendant rests on a double chain, one chain has the added accents of small silver toned balls spaced evenly...

  • $36.95

    Warrior insecticide tags contain a patented, synergized formulation of organophosphate insecticides to control horn flies biting and sucking lice, gulf coast and spinose ear ticks for up to 5 mos. Aides in the control of face, stable and house flies. For use on beef and non-lactating dairy cattle. Do not use on calves less than 3 mos. of age. Use 2 tags...

  • $116.75

    Pfizer-(Progesterone) Cattle breeding is more successful with this new progesterone insert. It improves timing and efficiency of beef cow and heifer breeding programs when using Lutalyse. The CIDR insert provides precise control of the estrous cycle and ovulation.

  • $16.95

    For heat detection and management of breeding pigs.  Hog Mate is used to determine whetheror not the gilt or sow is  at a stage of estrus for artificial insemination. Daily treatment after weaning with Hog Mate for Gilts and Sows can reduce the number of days to next estrus.  

  • $63.50

    Sx Oral Electrolyte and Nutritional Supplement is a fast acting oral electrolyte and nutritional supplement for beef and dairy calves. It rehydrates calves by replenishing salts, sugars, amino acids and proteins due to loss from dehydration associated with scours and other causes of stress.  Each feeding is 50ml by stomach tube or oral drench. 250ml/8oz....

  • $4.49

    The Enchantmints Tooth Fairy Box is a  captivating creation that makes misplaced teeth a thing of the past. No teeth today? No problem. Store a lock of hair, a treasured ring or a handful of wildflower petals. International Fairy Council approved! 4 different designs, this item ships blind, meaning we choose for you. TFB016. 1 Box

  • $18.50 $21.95
    $18.50 $21.95

    For use in safely administering medication and nutrients to newborn calves. Well constricted with semi-flexible tubes, soft rounded tips and easy to handle clamps to help control the desired flow. The unique air valve allows the proper flow of liquid to the calf.  Kit includes botttle, plastic probe and nipple.

  • $24.95

    Z Tag ear tags are a premium livestock tag with a unique flip-out applicator and no-snag design.  Z Tag ear tags have a fool-proof one piece design that prevents the back of the ear tag from snagging, pulling out or breaking off. The exclusive self-piercing cutting tip give a clean, precise incision to help prevent infection and disease transfer. 2 3/8" W...

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