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  • $19.95

    Calf Ear Muffs protect newborn calf ears from frost and severe cold. Very easy to slip on and stay in place with velcro.

  • $34.50

    The Ralgro cattle implant form Merck Animal Health is an anabolic agent which increases rate of weight gain and improves feed conversion of weaned beef calves, growing beef cattle, feedlot steers or heifers, and suckling beef calves. Zeranol is the active ingredient in Ralgro® implants which stimulates animal’s own natural growth system. Implant guns must...

  • $48.95

    The Kalf Koat/Calf Coat from Koehn mfg is effective year round in all conditions. Has a quilted ripstop nylon 3M Thinsulate for thermal insulation, and is made from a lightweight, water repellant nylon. Outer shell is mildew & abrasive resistan. Fits all sizes of newborns with front adjustable Velcro straps. Red

  • $93.59 $98.25
    $93.59 $98.25

    Pfizer - Calf Guard is for vaccination of healthy newborn calves or pregnantcows as an aid in preventing diarrhea (scours) caused by bovine rotavirus and bovine coronavirus. Contains attenuated strains of bovine rotavirus and bovine coronavirus propagated on established cell lines and freeze-dried to preserve stability. Contains penicillin and...

  • $41.95 $44.95
    $41.95 $44.95

    Denagard by Novartis is a potent and palatable water soluble concentrate for the treatment of swine pneumonia and swine dysentery. Fast acting with a wide margin of safety. Approved for use in medicated proportioners. Contains12.5% tiamulin hydrogen fumarate. 

  • $37.00

    The Montana Silversmith Twisted Up In Love Earrings are a set of smaller earrings with two heart shaped outlines, one lined in black stones and the other intertwined with the first but upside down and with clear stones. A brilliant round clear stone rests in the center of the hearts for some final brilliance. Earrings have hypoallergenic stainless steel...

  • $42.25 $43.50
    $42.25 $43.50

    Guardian scour vaccine from Merck Animal Health protects against Rotavirus and Cornavirus , E.Coli K99, Cl.perfringens Type B,C & D. The only vaccine containing Cornavirus serotype 3. 

  • $110.60

    The Cinch Concealed Carry Jackets are essential for any western wardrobe, they layer well over the  classic fit and modern fit western shirts. The Cinch Concealed Carry Jacket is warm and versatile, Cinch bonded jackets and vests are constructed of a wind & water resistant, fleece backed fabric, making them ideal for all-season wear. Sizes Xlg, and 2XL....