Livestock Concepts is committed to offering you both Excellent Service & Competitive Prices.  We carry a complete line of Animal Health supplies and equipment for Livestock & Pets including Vaccines, Antibiotics, Dewormers & Equipment.  “Service Is Our Specialty”.

We strive to add new and innovative items to our product lines. New for fall are  Montana Silversmiths jewelry , John Deere & Farmall DVD’s as well as Back On Track therapeutics.

Featured Products

  • $240.00

    Stephca- Now there's an easier, safer way to perform a wide range of animal-husbandry and veterinary procedures, such as dehorning, castrating, branding, A.I., Castrating, and more. Comes complete with operator's manual, output socket and lead, charger and electrodes for mouth and caudal fold, and a carrying case.

  • $286.95

    Pfizer - (Doramectin 0.5%) Highly effective broad-spectrum parasiticide for control of internal and external parasites of cattle. It is safe for use in beef cattle, including pregnant cows, newborn calves and bulls. It is safe for use in dairy replacement heifers up to 20 months of age.Free Shipping

  • $52.00

    Back on Track Long Johns provide soothing warmth that may relieve groin, superficial hip, and leg muscle discomfort. Ceramic infused Welltex material works with your natural body warmth to provide a gentle warmth. Due to its excellent wicking qualities, this garment is well suited as underwear or an extra layer during physical activity. Large

  • $157.95

    The McCulloch Medical Constant Delivery Resuscitators have been developed, tested and proven globally over 16 years for use with newborn animals in respiratory arrest or having difficulty breathing. Ideal for use with animals requiring resuscitation in post-trauma, drowning or smoke-inhalation status.

  • $28.95

    Merck - An anabolic agent which increases rate of weight gain and improves feed conversion of weaned beef calves, growing beef cattle, feedlot steers or heifers, and suckling beef calves. Zeranol is the active ingredient in Ralgro®  implants which stimulates animal’s own natural growth system. Implant guns must be purchased separately!

  • $324.95

    This ICU Cage is a controlled oxygen therapy unit that also doubles as an anesthesia chamber. Allow for provision of heat or cooling of animals. Clear vinyl window covers make it easy to observe. Accessories include 6 color-coded venture oxygen delivery nozzles, small nebulizer, connecting T-piece and 7 ft oxygen tubing. Med - 24"W x 18"D x 18"H

  • $33.30 $37.00
    $33.30 $37.00

    Rounded shapes create a distinctly feminine charm to the contrasting antiqued silver and sparkling bright crystal elements of these drop earrings. The posts are shaped of tiny silver hearts detailed with an antiqued beaded frame around the edges. Dangling from the tips are small open loops lined with tiny clear crystals.

  • $364.95

    This air rifle is for the person that has limited or occasional use for an immobilizing gun. It is very simple in design but effective.  Can be used for Tranquilzing, Antibiotic Treatments, and Vaccinating. No fire-arms license required, No hazardous shipping charges. Cases, scopes and Type P darts, sold separately.

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