Livestock Concepts is committed to offering you both Excellent Service & Competitive Prices.  We carry a complete line of Animal Health supplies and equipment for Livestock & Pets including Vaccines, Antibiotics, Dewormers & Equipment.  “Service Is Our Specialty”.

New for 2016 the Moocall Calving Sensor and Dewolf Electric Hoof Trimmers. And don’t forget our popular Back on Track therapeutics, VetGun, and New Montana Silversmiths.

Featured Products

  • $112.58

    Quatro Non-Insulated Boots from Skellerup Footwear are 100% waterproof hand-laid premium rubber and fast drying anti-microbial anti-fungal polyester lining. Ergonomically designed to lock in the foot and prevent heel slip. Removable Quatro Comfort System innersole. Anti-clogging, tractor-grip cleat design. Available in sizes 5 to 15. Choose a size in the...

  • $10.10 $10.95
    $10.10 $10.95

    Novartis - For use in healthy calves as an aid in preventing E. coli (K-99 strain) and Clostridium type C.  21 day withdrawal. Shake well before using. Administer 20 mL orally to calves less than 4 hours old. Slowly syringe toward the back of the calf’s mouth. Colostrum should be fed to each calf.    

  • $41.00 $45.95
    $41.00 $45.95

    Denagard by Novartis is a potent and palatable water soluble concentrate for the treatment of swine pneumonia and swine dysentery. Fast acting with a wide margin of safety. Approved for use in medicated proportioners. Contains12.5% tiamulin hydrogen fumarate.

  • $265.95 $279.95
    $265.95 $279.95

    Power pull has easily-sanitized, 9ft galvanized steel aircraft cable with special grab-hook, grips OB chain at any point. Easily detachable power pull and chain allows alternate usages, or use without pole and spanner for convenience in stall calving.  Sturdy aluminum alloy breech spanner includes washable web strap. 

  • $12.25 $13.95
    $12.25 $13.95

    Manna-Pro- This Colostrum Supplement is truly a multi-species product, labeled for calves, foals, goat kids, lambs, fawns, elk calves, crias (llama & alpaca), baby pigs, puppies and kittens.  This product not only provides colostrum, it is also fortified with vitamins and minerals, to provide a better fortification than colostrum alone.  Bovine IgG 20gm/lb

  • $199.95 $217.95
    $199.95 $217.95

    Immucell - Used as an aid in the prevention of neonatal beef and dairy calf scours caused by K99+ E. coli and Coronavirus. The only product available that protects against the 2 major causes of scours in calves. Maximum protection when administered to neo-natal calves within 12 hours of birth.

  • $76.00 $82.95
    $76.00 $82.95

    A versatile, broad-spectrum antibiotic that is Economical and Available without a Prescription! A sterile ready-to-use solution of broad spectrum oxytetracycline 300mg/ml, for use in beef cattle, non-lactating dairy cattle, calves, veal calves and swine.

  • $24.95

    Z Tag ear tags are a premium livestock tag with a unique flip-out applicator and no-snag design.  Z Tag ear tags have a fool-proof one piece design that prevents the back of the ear tag from snagging, pulling out or breaking off. The exclusive self-piercing cutting tip give a clean, precise incision to help prevent infection and disease transfer. 2 3/8" W...

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