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  • $15.95 $19.95
    $15.95 $19.95

    Z Tag feedlot tags meet the needs of feedyards, designed for short-term use (12 months or less). The exclusive self-piercing cutting tip gives a clean, precise incision to help prevent infection and disease transfer. Requires Z-Tag No-Snag Applicator. Size of tag: 4 1/2" x 3".

  • $357.95

    The Branding Iron Heater from L & H Brands is made of heavy gauge steel. The unique design of the burner allows all the irons to heat evenly without regards to positioning of the irons in the heater. The removable legs allow for easy transportation. Can be used from the back of a pickup without the legs. Attaches to standard propane tank. Tank not...

  • $449.00

    The GLA M900 Thermometer is the newest GLA thermometer introducing a 1.5" backlit LCD display screen, improved battery life and a USB charging port. Still a fast, accurate, and, durable way to  identify potential herd health problems. Temperatures in 8-15 seconds. Includes M900 thermometer,  M207 probe (straight or angled) and C965 Charger (110 – 230 volt).

  • $82.50

    The Cinch Concealed Carry Vest is warm and versatile, in a stone canvas look.  The Cinch Concealed Carry Vests are essential for any western wardrobe, they layer well over the  classic fit and modern fit western shirts. They provide men with firearm-friendly outerwear. Available in large, XLarge, and 2X.

  • $62.85 $64.61
    $62.85 $64.61

    Broad spectrum oral wormer effectively treats and controls worms and bots in sheep. Safe for all ages of sheep both male and female. Dosage: 3 cc per 26 pounds of body weight using an oral drencher. 11 day withdrawal. Private label brands may vary.

  • $34.50 $35.50
    $34.50 $35.50

    Boehringer Ingelheim- For vaccination of healthy dairy or beef cattle as an aid in the prevention of disease caused by bovine rhinotracheitis virus, bovine virus diarrhea (Types I and II), bovine parainfluenza-3, bovine respiratory syncytial virus and Mannheimia haemolytica 

  • $84.35

    Revalor XS is a time release implant for feedlot steers that eliminates the need to re-implant. Each dose contains ten pellets: four uncoated for immediate release into the system and six coated with X7 polymer for release into the system after 70-80 days. Each dose contains a total of 200 mg trenbolone acetate and 40 mg estradiol. Approx 200 day implant....

  • $594.00 $597.95
    $594.00 $597.95

    Cydectin Pour-On is for control of roundworms, lungworms, grubs, lice and mites in cattle. Contains 5 mg moxidectin/ml. Also provides 7 day of persistent activity against horn flies. Apply 1 cc for each 22 lbs. of body weight along the top of back from the withers to tail head. Varying weather conditions, including rainfall, do not affect the efficacy of...