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  • $37.95 $41.95
    $37.95 $41.95

    Co-Ral Fly & Tick Spray from Bayer is for control of horn flies, face flies, lice, ticks and screwworms. Registered for use on all cattle, including lactating dairy animals, horses and swine. May be applied as a spray or with a backrubber only for cattle. ORMD product, must ship UPS ground. Not for Sale in CA., AK, or DC

    No Sale to California
  • $400.00

    Medi-Darts are tools for giving intramuscular or subcutaneous injections to livestock without the need to restrain the animal. Medi-Dart's unique needle design holds the dart in the animal until the medication is delivered. Due to safety of people and livestock, we do not accept returns of any Syringes, Crossbows, Extension syringe or Pole syringes  that...

  • $9.25 $11.69
    $9.25 $11.69

    Quick Bayt is a ready-to-use dry scatter bait with 0.5% imidacloprid, with fast knockdown and no resistance problems. Effective against flies resistant to organophosphates and carbamates. control flies around the outside of commercial facilities, dairies, production facilities, and horse stables, or mixed with water and used as a paint-on to surfaces...

  • $9.95 $11.95
    $9.95 $11.95

    The easy, economical way to catch over 35,000 flies Catches over 2.5 times as many flies as Rescue® Fly Trap* Set on the ground or hang up Insecticide-free Reusable Includes attractant flies can't resist Easy to use - just add water, attractant and pop on the top Turn ordinary plastic jugs into effective, insecticide-free fly traps!  ORMD product, must...

  • $44.99 $59.99
    $44.99 $59.99

    Cinch Men's Grant Label Jeans are a relaxed-fit jean with midrise featuring bootcut leg.  Boot cut, mid-rise, Indigo; dark stonewash, five pockets, 12.75oz denim, relaxed fit

  • $30.00

    The Zip Bandit Castration Ties are the quickest and easiest bander method on the market. They are the only bander available that requires no application banding tool. More humane to the animal, the Zip Bandit is bloodless and drug-free. Use with confidence for castrating bulls ranging between 280 and 800 pounds. Available in a 10ct, 20ct, 50ct, or 100ct. 

  • $18.95

    Pyranha Fly Masks are built to protect eyes from UV rays and pesky, biting insects. Allows air flow and clear vision. Designed for ultimate comfort. Available in 4 sizes: Horse, Yearling/Pony, Arab/Cob/Small Horse/, and Warmbool/Oversizes. No ears.

  • $25.00 $39.99
    $25.00 $39.99

    Rock 47 by Wrangler  licensed fashion necklace BC2454TQ47 is in the Tribal Flair design collection. This silver-tone necklace pendant features a stylized squash blossom with turquoise and rhinestone beads around the edge, dangling a red colored tear drop stone in the center. Pendant hangs on a double strand matinee length 24 inch rolo chain.