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  • $37.00

    The Montana Silversmith Twisted Up In Love Earrings are a set of smaller earrings with two heart shaped outlines, one lined in black stones and the other intertwined with the first but upside down and with clear stones. A brilliant round clear stone rests in the center of the hearts for some final brilliance. Earrings have hypoallergenic stainless steel...

  • $322.05 $339.00
    $322.05 $339.00

    The Callicrate PRO Bander w/Cutter is a high quality tool from No Bull used for humane non-surgical castration. The new added Cutter is conveniently built-in and finishes the job quickly. It works well on any size bull (300 lbs – 3000 lbs). The PRO Bander is lighter weight and easier to use than the previous Callicrate bander. Kit includes: bander...

  • $42.00 $59.99
    $42.00 $59.99

    Cinch Men's Ian Label Jeans are a slim-fit jean with midrise featuring whiskering and bootcut leg. Tonal screen-print and heavy charcoal, stone and navy embroidery accenting the back pockets. The tinted dark stonewash finish is rounded with chevrons, wrinkles, grinding and hand sanding. Dark Stonewash, Tint, Hand Sanding, Permanganate, Whiskers,...

  • $18.53 $19.50
    $18.53 $19.50

    The Country Farm Puzzle set provides hours of entertainment with wooden jigsaw puzzles packed inside a wooden box! Each 24-piece puzzle is laminated with a different colorful, hand-painted scene. The puzzle pieces are marked on the back, allowing them to be easily sorted. Includes four puzzles.

  • $362.89 $381.99
    $362.89 $381.99

    An A.I. gun warmer that eliminates cooling that is known to hurt the semen. Carrying multiple guns speeds up the job without the temperature drop. Provides a comfortable, hygenic place to carry guns. If warmer is stored at room temperature than it takes 3 to 5 mins to heat up. Gun Warmer Instructions under the 'Download' tab. Free Shipping on the Gun...

  • $239.00 $245.00
    $239.00 $245.00

    Delivers internal and external parasite control for cattle in one convenient low-volume application. Contains 5mg Ivermectin/ml. Kills: Grubs, Biting Lice, Lungworms, Horn Flies, Sucking Lice, Mange Mites, Round Worms (including Brown Stomach Worms). Dosage: 1cc/22lb body weight. 45 day withdrawal. Not for sale to HI or AK. Free Shipping  

  • $770.00

    Synovex One Feedlot cattle implant from Zoetis is a time-released implant that will pack on more pounds with 200 days of uninterrupted growth. A long acting trembolone acetate (TBA) implant approved for both feedlot heifers and steers. It extends the performance for up to 200 days , without the need to re-implant. Implant Applicator sold separately. 100ds