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  • $128.95

    L & H Freeze branding irons are ample in weight and have the temperature holding capacity to help you brand more livestock in less time and still aid you in producing a better brand. L & H specializes in custom production of special designed branders. This is a one to two character design, available in 2" to 4". Custom freeze brands are cast from bronze....

  • $54.80

    The NEW Tri-Zap fly tags from Y-Tex are a sustained release tag containing a synergized formulation of Zetacypermethrin. TRI-ZAP is for use on Beef and Dairy Cattle (including Lactating) and Calves to control Horn Flies, Face Flies, Lice and Spinose Ear Ticks. Y-tex tagger, blue/turquiose color tag. 9.5gm. Available in a 20ct or 100ct.

  • $10.10 $11.29
    $10.10 $11.29

    A Single dose protection against pinkeye caused by Moraxella bovis in cattle 2 months of age or older. It is compliant with BQA guidelines for both dosage level and administration route. Ocu-Guard® MB-1 contains eight isolates of Moraxella bovis which causes pinkeye. With a single dose, it has proven 4-month duration of immunity.

  • $17.95

    Adams™ Plus Flea & Tick Spot On® for Dogs provides flea and tick protection for dogs for up to 30 days and protection from flea and tick infestation beyond. It doesn't just kill adult fleas and ticks, it also prevents infestation by knocking out flea eggs, flea larvae, tick nymphs and tick larvae that could cause a problem later on. Kills and repels...

  • $19.99

    Clean Sprocket with warm water, and watch his black markings turn blue! When he dries, colors return to black. Includes: Sprocket puppy, hooded towel, ducky squirt toy, and water bowl.

  • $44.99 $59.99
    $44.99 $59.99

    Cinch Men's Grant Label Jeans are a relaxed-fit jean with midrise featuring bootcut leg.  Boot cut, mid-rise, Indigo; dark stonewash, five pockets, 12.75oz denim, relaxed fit

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    $2.00 off select F & T Spot-ons and collars. Includes Adventure, Adams Plus, Frontline Plus, Salvo, and ZoGuard. Use voucher code 2SPOTON at checkout. View the more details for a step by step guide

  • $19.96 $21.96
    $19.96 $21.96

    Long-lasting broad-spectrum antibiotic for the treatment of a wide range of diseases caused by susceptible gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. For use in beef and lactating dairy cattle and swine. Provides therapeutic blood levels for 3 days. Give 4.5 cc per 100 pounds SQ, IV or IM in the neck. 28 day withdrawal, 96 hours on milk. Not for sale to CA.

    No Sale to California