• $19.25

    Permethrin SFR is a broad-use professional strength termiticide/insecticide. Can be used on lawns, landscapes, ornamentals, around homes, sheds and barns on a variety of insects. Safe for use in and around animal housing, including poultry houses, and on listed animals. Available in a Pint, Quart, or a 1.25gal

  • $29.68

    This Bottle Holder/Carrier holds six long 3-quart nursers. Fits E-Z Nurse and Little Giant bottles. The bottle rack is made of 3/16” powder-coated steel wire and has hinged handles. Bottles not included.

  • $43.20

    Calf Renova from TechMix is an easy to use capsule containing a source of live (viable) naturally occurring antimicrobials and probiotics for digestive health support.  Calf Renova helps to reduce harmful bacteria and restore the gut microbiome and helps them recover their hydration status and appetite for continued growth. Available in a 12ct and 36ct.

  • $7.95

    The JetSpray Nozzle from Coburn is a heavy-duty hot and cold water pistol-grip hose nozzle with comfortable molded rubber/polymer grip, thick front buffer and integral filter washer.  JetSpray Nozzle is insulated for cold or hot water and has 3/4" male threaded outlet and 3/4" female threaded inlet to fit any standard garden hose. Available in Orange,...

  • $29.95

    This Nylon Hoe from Coburn has a durable 60” fiberglass handle with a specially developed composite for a splinter-free surface. Hoe blade is 12” wide and is made of nylon for durability. Has an easy to clean non-stick surface.

  • $36.65

    The ScraperSqueegee is made of reinforced nylon material, has a 20” scrapper/squeegee head and is ideal for wet areas and crossovers. Self-standing for easy storage. Squeegee blade is easily changed. Unit includes a 60” Tapered Wood Handle. Replacement Rubber Strip also available.

  • $31.05

    Milkhouse Drum Pump Dispenser is for five-gallon pails and drum containers, includes safety features for use with the caustic cleaners of the milkhouse. A special strap may be locked to prevent unauthorized use. (Key or padlock not included) and a threaded twist handle prevents inadvertent lifting. An anti-siphon spout reduces dripping after dispensing....

  • $29.95

    Coburn Microfiber Dairy Towels are soft, durable, reusable and absorb 7 times their weight in water. The Microfiber Dairy Towels are made of a microfiber which is finer than a strand of silk, allowing the cloth to reach into creases and crevices of the udder for more thorough cleaning. Hemmed towels are 12" X 12". Yellow or Blue

  • $9.95

    Pyranha Odaway in the 32oz is a ready to use, liquid odor absorber that eliminates a broad spectrum of household and barn-borne odors. Odaway is specially effective when dispensed by way of automatic misting system because it encapsulates and neutralizes odors instead of just masking them, leaving the premises smelling fresh and clean. Can be used on...

  • $18.95

    Pyranha Fly Masks are built to protect eyes from UV rays and pesky, biting insects. Allows air flow and clear vision. Designed for ultimate comfort. Available in 4 sizes: Horse, Yearling/Pony, Arab/Cob/Small Horse/, and Warmbool/Oversizes. No ears.

  • $8.25

    Pyranha Detangler Spray provides a soft luxurious coat on horses as well as dogs. Helps control tangles and keeps hair manageable. Moisturizes and conditions as it detangles while repelling dirt and dust. ORMD product must ship UPS Ground.

  • $5.25

    Pyranha Equine Roll-On is a sweat resistant, water-based, citronella-scented formula used in situations where spraying or wiping on fly repellent is inconvenient. It has a quick knockdown with 3 active ingredients. Kills and repels flies, fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and gnats. Apply around horse's face and other areas where flies gather. 3oz