• $11.95

    Vetrolin Shine Spray in a 360 degree sprayer from Farnam gives a long-lasting, healthy sheen to your horse's coat, mane and tail. This trusted favorite adds a brilliant shine and repels stains, keeping your horse looking his best. 20oz

  • $15.75

    The Vetrolin Liniment from Farnam provides an invigorating, aromatic liniment with a hint of green soap and five essential oils to help relieve minor stiffness, soreness and inflammation soreness and inflammation. Now available in an EquiVeil 360 degree non aerosol sprayer. 20oz

  • $12.50

    E3 Tea Tree Shampoo from Elite Pharmaceuticals  is a concentrated shampoo specially formulated for horses containing Tea Tree Oil. It cleans deep and assists in keeping hair soft while restoring the natural luster to the coat. 32oz

  • $11.95

    E3 Fly Repellent from Elite Pharmaceuticals is an All Natural using a unique combination of oils that repel biting insects. Repels against mosquitoes, no-see-ums, gnats, chiggers, ticks and deer flies.  No harsh chemicals or pesticides. 32oz

  • $9.95

    E3 Medicated Wound Cream from form Elite Pharmaceuticals, Inc is an ntibacterial, antiviral wound cream with insect repellent. Helps with rain rot, scratches, infections, cuts, burns, skin irritations and abrasions by forming a barrier and repelling insects. 

  • $11.95

    E3 Detangles & Shines from Elite Pharmaceuticals, Inc is specially formulated to eliminate tangles and knots while leaving the ultimate shine and strengthen the hair. It includes an innovative process of Nano Encapsulated ingredients to strengthen the hair, restore moisture and prevent hair damage from UV rays.   

  • $10.50

    E3 Veterinary Strength Liniment Gel form Elite Pharmaceuticals, Inc is a topical analgesic used to relieve pain and swelling of joints and muscles due to over exertion, minor injuries and arthritis. It reduces swelling and sore muscles, with it's Nano Vitamin formula.  Contains 5% menthol for superior and fast acting pain relief. 12oz.

  • $6.99

    Equi-Sky Large Poly Hay Net holds the shape for easier filling. 18 strand design with rings. Holds up to 5 to 6 flakes of hay, securing with drawstrings. Mildew proof and washable. Available in Red, Blue, and Black

  • $24.59

    The Equi-Sky Ultimate Hay Bag is a heavy duty hay bag with slow feeding net. The slow feeding net encourages horses to properly digest their food. Adjustable height with a top drawstring closure, which allows easy access to hay loading. Black body with 3 different colors of net. Pink, Lime, and Black.

  • $17.99

    The beautiful as they are intelligent, Arabian horse graces this year's Breyer Artist Signature Ornament. Artist Kathleen Moody has created two new paintings inspired by actual Breyer models, the frosted purple glass ball is double-sided, and features holly leaves and berries artfully framing each horse. One side a chestnut, and the other a gray. One...

  • $17.99

    The Breyer 2018 Stirrup Ornament features a finely-detailed miniature of the 2018 Holiday Horse, “Celestine.” She is framed inside a classic silver-tone stirrup that has a crystal snowflake dangling from its top. This glittering ornament hangs from a blue ribbon, and is the perfect accompaniment to the 2018 Celestine Holiday Horse. Breyer 700319 

  • $29.99

    The wonder of the holidays meets the joy of a new life in this touching Musical Snow Globe 'A Gift of Love'. The globe features a mare nestled sweetly with her new foal at the foot of a snow-covered Christmas tree, the decorative base features a cheerful group of animal friends waiting in the wintery landscape to greet the new foal! Wind it up to hear it...