• $18.66 $21.95
    $18.66 $21.95

    Applicator gun for most 300gm oral gel tubes. A 12oz self-locking pov-epoxy gel applicator.

  • $259.95

    The Henderson Equine Castrating Instrument was developed from the originalHenderson Cattle Castration Tool designed and introduced in 1994. This design and procedure have been under development and testingby Stone and veterinarians since 1999. The instrument and procedure has been used on ten's of thousands of horse with excellent results

  • $259.95

    The original Callicrate Smart Bander is a high quality tool from No Bull used for humane non-surgical castration. It works well on any size bull (300 lbs – 3000 lbs). Aluminum clip secures loop to eliminate slippage. Spring loaded indicator senses proper tightness. Kit includes bander, storage case, 5 loops, and cutter. Free Shipping within the US

  • $66.95

    NoBull- New ES-10 Extra Strength Loops used exclusively with the Callicrate Smart Bander® for humane castration of livestock – cattle, goats, sheep.  Pre-made latex loop comes with clip already in place. Loops may also be used for tail docking and horn removal.  Loop is easy to apply and Callicrate Bander tension indicator ensures...

  • $21.95

    The Newberry Castrating Knife from Agri-Pro is a castrating knife that will split the scrotum for easier removal of testicles. 10 1/2" stainless steel construction with interchangeable stainless steel blades. Replacement blades available.

  • $61.95

    The California Bander makes castrating livestock easy and simple. It is a hand held tool that allows you to easily and quickly place a tourniquet band around the Scrotal sac just above the testis, cutting off the blood supply. The sac dries up in about a week to 10 days.  Kit includes Bander, 25 bands and DVD.

  • $6.95

    For use in tying-off arteries or pulling arteries and in suturing wounds or tissue following operations. Stainless steel. Imported. 5 1/2"

  • $193.95

    Completely portable cordless gas heat debudding. Runs on ordinary butane lighter fluid. Use on buds early when bud is less than 30 days old. Clip hair off and push dehorner on for 10-15 seconds. Horn bud and scab should fall off in 4-6 weeks. Uses Butane ..not included.

  • $48.64 $60.80
    $48.64 $60.80

    The Babi Cuff foal shoe is a universal shoe used for use treatment of foal deformities. For correction of lower limb alignment in young horses, contracted or collapsed tendons, valgus/varus deviations and medial/lateral hoof growth deformities. The shoe is basically a cuff with 4 extensions moulded upon a small steel eggbar to give it stability and...

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  • $31.95

    The two way sorting panel is Tough & Heavy Duty...made of high density polyethylene. Lightweight...making it easy for anyone to handle. Smooth Construction...no sharp edges. 1" thick

  • $22.80

    Designed to move animals with ease, Kane sorting boards are light weight yet extremely durable. Rounded hand grips on the top and side make for easy handling. . . The small 18-inch Sow Mate was specifically designed to back sows out of gestation stalls and farrowing crates. Light weight and small, its perfect for younger members of your crew and can...

  • $269.95

    The Aluminum Sorting Panel is constructed from 16 gauge aluminum. Panels are welded, not screwed to a 1 1/2" aluminum frame. Lightweight but strong, these panels are easy to handle & clean. These panels have bends approx 1" apart . FOB charges may apply!