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The Equitainer is a well-known, durable shipping unit for transporting extended, chilled equine semen in a secure and well-engineered platform. This reusable hard-case design protects it´s contents and maintains temperatures under nearly any circumstance for 72 hours. Lid with built in lead shield to protect the contents from damaging X-rays. This a cup-style unit.

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 If it's the ultimate container for durability, reliability, and long-life, then the Equitainer line from Hamilton Research International is the route for you.  A durable outer shell, heavy-duty clasp and consistent temperature maintenance all translate to peace of mind in shipping cooled equine semen.  There are multiple versions of the Equitainer, depending on your shipping duration and semen packaging preferences.  The 'Cup-Style' isothermalizer is for those who prefer to ship extended samples in bottle liners or Whirl-Pak bags and utilizes ballast bags within a sterile cup during transportation.  The 'Tube-Style' isothermalizer is for those who prefer to ship extended samples in 50ml centrifuge tubes(which fit directly into the isothermalizer unit).  Both versions have the same size inner chamber and  use the same freezer can units.  Set up instructions are included with each unit.





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