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Double Poly Pig Heat Mats are made of durable, lightweight polyethylene. Larger than the old fiberglass style, design changes and new material have made this mat more energy efficient. Heat radiates upward reducing heat loss into the floor.

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Mats may be used in farrowing crates, elevated crates, pens, cages or over slats or woven wire. They reduce piling and overheating - two common complaints when heat lamps are used. Heat Mat surface averages about 90 to 95°F allowing the room temperature to be reduced to 60 or 65°. This keeps sows more comfortable while baby pigs are kept warm.  Cord is 10 ft. long with 18" stainless steel cord protector on the mat end.

Polyethylene heat mats installed with thermostat controls are simply the most energy efficient heat mats in the world. These thermostats reduce power consumption by an additional 50% of the rated watts per crate listings. Designed for the producer, These heat mats are easy to install, durable, energy efficient, and safe to operate. The new mat is 30% more efficient then fiberglass mats and 80% more efficient than heat lamps. Designed for all types of farrowing in new or remodeled barns, Heat mats can be installed on the surface of any type flooring providing the producer with maximum flexibility and energy savings when heating crates, free stall, and comfort stall creep areas. The unique design maintains the optimal temperature for your farrowing environment to reduce stress, improve digestion, and promote rapid growth.  NRTL, CSA/US approved


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