The Iron Propane Dehorner KIT with a Cauterizer tip and Debudding tip

This KIT includes a dehorning(debudding) and cauterizing tip. Dehorning and debudding calves, sheep & goats has never been easier. Use the Iron for quicker cauterizing, less blood, faster healing, less animal stress. Propane driven, totally, portable. Surgical stainless steel tips provide constant heat and are guaranteed for life with normal operation. Maintains 1500 degrees


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No more Waiting:  The Iron runs nonsop at a constant 1500 degrees.

No More Hassles: Totally portable, so you can use it anywhere the herd is.  takes only 3 minutes to assemble and be ready to use.

No More Traditional Headaches: with The iron, cauterizing is easy, no pulling arteries, leaving exposed nerves, The iron burns flat to the skull, killing all never in about 5 seconds

Safer:  Less chance of infection, and must less stress on the animal. Animals heal faster, virtually eleimating disease carrying flies and maggots as well as callbacks for non-healed animals


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