Organic Iodine 20 grain with salt 25lb

For routine nutritional iodine supplementation in feeds for cattle, swine, sheep, and poultry. Available in 20 grain with salt or 40 grain with salt. Organic Iodine 20 should be premixed before adding to feed to insure proper distribution.

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CATTLE: Mineral Mix = Mix .4lb of  Organic Iodine 20 per 100lbs free choice mineral.  Feed at the rate of 2oz/per head/per day.  Protein Mix= Mix .5lb of Organic Iodine 20 per ton of protein mix.  Feed at a rate of 2lbs/per head/per day.  Grain Mix=Mix .10lb of Organic Iodine 20 per ton of grain mix.  Feed at rate of not more than 10lbs/head/day.

SHEEP: Mix .20lb of  Organic Iodine 20 per 100lbs salt.  Offer mixture as sole source of salt either free choice or use at the rate of 10lbs per ton of complete feed. 

SWINE/POULTRY Mix .20lbs of Organic Iodine 20 with 100lbs of salt.  Replace salt in complete feed with this mixture.


FOB Charges Apply to 25lb buckets


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