Bovatec 91

For improved feed efficiency in cattle being fed in confinement for slaughter and rate of weight gain.  For control of coccidioFor control of coccidiosis caused by Eimeria bovis and E. zuernii in cattle up to 800 lbs. For prevention of coccidiosis caused by Eimeria ovina, E. crandallis, E. ovinoidalis (E. ninakohlyakimovae), E. parva, and E. intricata in sheep maintained in confinement.

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Each pound contains 91 grams (20%) of lasalocid (as lasalocid sodium activity) in a carrier suitable for incorporation in feed.

This product should be further diluted in an intermediate blending step prior to mixing in final feed. Do not feed undiluted.

Important : Handling Information - Must Be Thoroughly Mixed In Feeds Before Use. When Mixing And Handling Lasalocid Premix, Use Protective Clothing, Impervious Gloves And A Dust Mask. Avoid Contact With Eyes. Operators Should Wash Hands Thoroughly With Soap And Water After Handling.



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