Cyonara Pour On Quart

Topical insecticide that is economical and long lasting. Cyonara provides long-lasting residual control for lice, horn flies, biting and sucking lice. 1% pour-on is safe for use on beef cattle, cows and calves. One quart treats 94 head of 600 lb cattle; a gallon treats 378 head of 600 lb cattle.


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1% Lambda-Cyhalothrin

Features and Benefits

  • Ready to use - no need to mix with water
  • May be used with automatic dosing systems.
  • One quart treats 94 head of 600 lb cattle
  • One gallon treats 378 cattle of 600 lb cattle

 Insecticide - Dosage

Apply ToTarget InsectsDosage
Beef Cattle, Cows and CalvesLice and Horn FliesApply Cyonara Lambda Pour On down the backline at the rate of 10 ml (1/3 oz) per head for cattle weighing less than 600 lb, or at a rate of 15 ml (1/2 oz) per head for cattle weighing more than 600 lb
Repeat as needed, but do not apply more than once every two weeks, and four times in a six month period. For reduction of sucking lice, it is recommended to do two treatments at 14 day intervals.


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