Pneu Dart Air Rifle 178B

This air rifle is for the person that has limited or occasional use for an immobilizing gun. It is very simple in design but effective.  Can be used for Tranquilzing, Antibiotic Treatments, and Vaccinating. No fire-arms license required, No hazardous shipping charges. Cases, scopes and Type P darts, sold separately.

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Stock & Action

Benjamin Sheridan

Overall Length


Dart Barrel

.50 cal. Smooth Bore




7 lbs.


5-40 yards with 1cc Type 'P' Disposable darts, controlled by number of pumps and power control on rear of bolt. Min 1 pump, Max 8 pumps

Pneu-Dart tranquilizer projectors are engineered for versatility, functionality and safety. Our rifles and pistols are expertly crafted to handle short and long-range targets with ease and accuracy.

Frequently Ask Questions

"My darts bounce off the animal."
1/2cc and 1cc darts without collars or barbs usually bounce on impact, but because of the small volume, a complete injection is normally made.

"The drug runs out of the dart needle when putting in the drug."
If this happens, it is because your syringe needle is not long enough. Syringe needles should be at least 1/2" long than the dart needle.
Purchase Filler Needles Here.

"The dart did not inject the medicine"
This is usually the result of low impact or an angle shot. Increase the velocity with perpendicular impact.

"I cannot put the syringe needle into the dart needle"
Dart may have detonated in transit. Call for return information.

"The drug sprays out of the dart after leaving the gun barrel"
Barrel may be dirty or possibly damaged. If the problem is still rpesent after cleaning please call for return information.

Feel free to call with any questions.


We highly recommend the book "Shooting the Bull" by Mark 'Curly' Waters. A 76 page journey touching on sighting in your rifle properly, casre fro your equipment, and drugs that work for maintaining cattle health in a easier and profit enhancing manner. Mark 'Curly Waters' is an Oklahoma cattle rancher for over twenty years, Mr. Waters shares his unique insight and techniques that make this book is great tool and resource guide in helping you save both time and money when using remote injection equipment.
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