Simcro STV 15ml Drencher Pour-On Applicator

One of the best combination Drencher/Pour-On applicators on the market today. Accurate & reliable; strong, durable construction. Comes complete with drencher nozzle, pour-on nozzle and plastic hose. Adjusts from 1cc-15cc with dial.

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Simcro's various syringes have won several awards for its unique design and engineering. These vaccination syringes promote safety, and cut the risk of a farmer's or vet's accidental self-injection.

The Syringes are economical and help prevent spilling or inaccurate dosages of the Vaccines being administered. The increments are clearly marked on the removable barrel and the doses are adjustable. The guns are very durable. It's easy to clean the gun, or replace parts that are broken, damaged, or lost.

The syringes themselves come in two distinct types; STF and STV. STFs are Syringe style injectors, where the gun is designed to push the F shaped handle in to inject the animal. The STVs are Pistol-style injectors, designed to squeeze a V shaped handle for injection, and tend to be the variation owners choose when many vaccinations in a row must be given. Both are equally accurate and only differ in consumer preference.

One feature of the syringes is they have automatic refilling for quicker vaccination, handy for vaccinating many animals at once. Both STFs and STVs come with a choice: Draw offs or Bottle Mount. Draw off syringes refill the syringe through a hose that attaches to the vaccination bottle. It also comes with three draw-off heads, small (20-100 ml bottles), medium (250-500 ml USA bottles), and large (250-500 ml European bottles) to accommodate all sizes of vaccine bottles. Bottle mounts, on the other hand, attach the vaccine bottle directly to the top of the syringe gun. These come with two bottle caps, small and large, that fit most vaccine bottles.

Both STFs and STVs come in a variety of sizes for your injection needs. STFs are available in 1ml, 2ml, 5ml, and 10ml, along with a selection for a bottle mount included (in sizes 2 and 5 ml only.)

STVs are available in 2ml, 5ml, 10ml, 12ml, and 15ml. Also available is an STV with a bottle mount (2 and 6 ml only). Another option is the STV syringe selectable dose bottle mount, giving easily measured injections for 0.5-5 ml (0.1 ml increments) or 1.5-11 ml (0.1 increments.)

Both types of syringes accept aluminum hubbed and stainless steel needles.

Replacement barrels for the STF and STV syringes are available for purchase separately if needed.

Other Simcro products such as bottle cradles, draw offs, drencher guns, and more are available. Find them by entering ‘simcro' in the search box, or under the category ‘equipment', subcategory ‘syringes/projectile devices' to your left.


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